All Night Crash is the longest running and most well connected pub crawl service in Budapest. When it comes to going on a pub crawl Budapest is a great city, but the amount of pubs and bars is just surprising, so it may be difficult to find the right ones. That is why we are here to help, and to take you and your crew on a staggering night out to 4 or 5 pubs and bars, and ending the night in a disco or dance hall of your choosing, with a good crowd any night of the week. But before checking in to dance the night away, the pubs will be dominating most of the evening. We go to quality establishments like Instant, Romkert, Szimpla and other popular Budapest bars that offer a unique atmosphere, cool patrons, fellow travellers and expats as well as fun loving locals. We usually start the night at Kiadó, which is right by the Oktogon, and take the party over to the 7th district immediately, to hit up one of the many ruin bars in the district. If the company wishes, we can go to a sports bar, a dive bar, we can go to a classier wine and tapas establishment, we can visit splendid local bars dedicated to the local nightlife, and ruin bars that are an authentic and inimitable part of Budapest party culture. If you already have a place in mind, tell our guides, they will be happy to accommodate you, and take you to see it. If you have an idea for what kind of bar you want, don’t be shy, they will have a great idea of where to go and what to do on any given night of the week, as this city is always jumping, not only on the weekend. Get at us on:

AllNightCrash Pub Crawl Budapest, Budapest,Oktogon 1,1066, +36 70 771 1775